Stop By Our Cakery for a Beautiful Edible Creation

Stop By Our Cakery for a Beautiful Edible Creation

Get a gourmet cake that everyone will love

When it comes to cake, you want the best of the best. West Hill Cakery has what you're looking for. Our gourmet cakes are proven crowd-pleasers. Whether you're cake shopping for a birthday party or bringing the dessert for a celebration at work, you'll be glad you chose the cake shop that leaves customers with a smile.

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Our cakery offers a range of specialty flavors. We rotate our cake flavor selection so there's always something new to try, but we also have a few staple flavors that never go away, but our gourmet cakes are one of a kind!

Our gourmet cakes are inspired by Muscatine’s rich history and we wanted our cakes to be just as decadent as the past! Every cake is named after one of the beautiful homes that grace Muscatine’s historic West Hill District and each cake is just as grand as the house that bears its name.

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Waterman Moore: Three layer chocolate cake, filled with layers of mint buttercream and chocolate ganache, topped with a layer of cocoa and chocolate ganache drip.

Burnett: Cookies and cream cake layered with chocolate cookie truffle and chocolate ganache, wrapped in vanilla buttercream and topped with chocolate sandwich cookies and cream crunch bars, and sprinkles.

P.M. Musser: Coffee and liquor drizzled yellow cake, layered with classic soaked ladyfingers and mascarpone cheese icing topped with coffee bean chocolate, cocoa powder, and espresso and liquor drizzle.

Mackenzie: Cinnamon and pumpkin spice cake layered with pumpkin cheesecake filling and wrapped with a cinnamon espresso icing.

Stein: Three layers of vanilla bean cake layered with vanilla bean buttercream and salted caramel decorated with a caramel drip and crushed sea salt.

Blackwell: Chocolate cake layered with chocolate cookie truffle and ganache, topped with chocolate sandwich cookies, chocolate bars, sprinkles, and ganache drip.

Rothschild-Cohn: Three layers of chocolate cake iced with rich peanut butter icing and ganache drip with crumbled peanut butter cup garnish.

Huttig: Classic german chocolate cake

Bellevue: Three layers of almond cake with tart raspberry filling iced with almond buttercream and topped with fresh raspberries.

Pliney Fay: Sweet 'three milk' soaked sponge layered with chopped strawberries and fresh whipped cream.

6" (feeds 7-11)
8" (feeds 14-18)
10" (feeds 23-27)

*Serving sizes are dessert sized