Try a Little Taste of Paradise

Try a Little Taste of Paradise

Treat yourself to a gourmet cupcake from our cakery

In the mood for something sweet? West Hill Cakery features gourmet cupcakes that you'll drool over. With our gourmet ingredients and exceptional baking talents, we can make all kinds of tasty cupcakes. Don't settle for something stale and store-bought. Go the extra mile and take home a box of our homemade cupcakes.

You have plenty of options to choose from when you order from us. You'll find gourmet cupcakes:

  • Of varying sizes
  • Filled with icing or cookie dough
  • In many custom flavors

Call now to ask about the gourmet cupcakes we prepare in our cake shop.

Nothing satisfies your sweet tooth like a cupcake

Our cupcakes are just like our gourmet cakes, but in miniature form. If there's a cake you like but you don't want an entire cake, we can produce it in cupcake form. We have a few staple cupcake flavors as well as a rotating selection that changes regularly. You'll find vegan and gluten-free options available.

Contact us today to ask about our current flavor selection.

A couple: 3 cupcakes (in house only)
Basic: $7.50
Specialty or filled: $12
A few: 6 cupcakes
Basic flavor-$15
Specialty or filled-$24

A bunch: 12 cupcakes
Basic flavor-$30
Specialty or filled-$48

Custom Decorated Cupcakes
Starts at $40 a dozen, pricing dependent on design and flavor/filling choices

Vanilla buttercream (*can be flavored), cream cheese, chocolate, ganache (vanilla and chocolate), fondant, whipped (on select cake options only)

*vegan and gluten free options are available, just ask!