Homemade Freshness in Every Bite

handmade and freshly baked using wholesome local ingredients.

We devote extra attention to detail in all of our batches to make sure our cookies remain flavorful and fresh. You can get custom cookies made to pass out to your coworkers, friends or family. These are great for birthday parties and similar celebrations. Check out our delicious cookie options:



Drop cookies: $2 a cookie
chocolate chip, peanut butter, monster, white chocolate macadamia, chocolate peanut butter chunk, birthday cake, snickerdoodle, oatmeal raisin
*in house specialty/combo flavors change frequently and may not be reflected on the menu list

Sugar Cookies (vanilla or chocolate):
$30 a dozen- Buttercream iced
$42 a dozen- Royal iced basic
$48 a dozen- Royal iced custom
*price can vary depending on design or set of cookies

Cookie Cakes:
Chocolate Chip or Birthday cake
8" $30
10" $40

Tasty Bites:

Cheesecake Bites:
$3.25 each/ $36 a dozen

$3.25 each
$40 a dozen

Party Tarts: Homemade pop-tarts are a party in your mouth!
Strawberry, apple, purple berry, and many more $3.50 each/ $20 for 6

Meringue cookies: $1 each

Meringue lollies: $3.25 each